MIS-Info-Pool: You need something? We have it!

Whether you need additional information, special promotion or attention-grabbing advertising material, it’s now available online from our new "MIS-Info-Pool". If you are interested, please contact us here.

Customer evenings

Customer evenings help retain customers. When you host these events we can take your customers into our world of travel. Using pictures and our own travel reports we can describe our own experience staying in our partner hotels. Whether it’s India with Oberoi Hotels & Resorts or Leeu Collection South Africa, just tell us the topic you are most interested in and we’ll manage the rest. We can always help you plan the events as well. You just choose the date and invite your best customers and we’ll provide great support.

Training on The Spot

We would be happy to come to your travel agency to provide training and information tailored to your specific needs.

How does it work? We agree a date and we’ll visit you - preferably outside opening hours. We’ll have a local caterer organize a breakfast, lunch snack or cocktail - depending on the time of day - and we’ll bring a projector and screen with us.

On what subjects? You choose freely from our product range which of our products are of interest to you and your colleagues.

How long? It should be at least an hour but we can go longer if appropriate.

How many participants? Ideally, at least 3 travel agency staff, but there is no upper limit.

What is there to win? At the end of the year we will draw lots for a raffle with different travel prizes. Everyone who has attended a session is eligible!

Postcard mailing - advertising à la carte

“You write, you stay”: We’ll provide you with postcards with various themes, and we can print the cards with your greeting free of charge. A nice and inexpensive way to stay in contact with your customers. Have a look at some examples here.

Bahamas - 700 islands and only 16 of them have been developed for tourism

We have produced great decoration material for your shop window, so if you would like it we can send it to you free of charge. Just mail us on info@bahamas.de with "Bahamas shop window decoration" in the subject line.


The designer of most beautiful Bahamas shop window was awarded two plane tickets to the Bahamas. Sorry! - closing date was the 29.02.2020. 


Welcome to our MIS-webinar series

The luxury hotel business is much easier to sell if you know the products really well. To bring our top sellers even closer to you we have created a free webinar series to share our personal travel experiences and news about the destination. Of course we take questions afterwards.


These webinars can be watched again on YouTube.