Distinct Destinations, Bhutan & Nepal

Buthan und Nepal

Two mystical kingdoms in the Himalaya

The most majestic and highest mountain scenery in the world, centuries-old monasteries, mystical Hindu and Buddhist temples. The heritage and unadulterated culture of these two remote countries on the edge of the Himalayas have been well preserved. Distinct Destinations - our new partner for Bhutan and Nepal - is one of the leading agencies for tailor-made private, business, group and special-interest travel to the Himalayan region. With as deep knowledge of the traditions and colourful variety of religious rituals, Distinct Destinations is dedicated to bringing your customers closer to the richness of these two fairy-tale kingdoms. In addition to classic mountain and trekking tours, panoramic flights along the Himalayan giants, jungle safaris or visits to colourful monastery festivals and picturesque villages from the past, the agency is also happy to incorporate particular wishes for example a real yogi tour guide, yoga or meditation.